Has my cat got signs of osteoarthritis?

Has my cat got any signs of osteoarthrtic pain? This can be much harder to assess in cats than dogs - we generally don't take them for walks & unwell unhappy cats often just hide & become less active which are less specific signs.

Think about your cats behaviour over the last couple of weeks and answer the folllowing questions.


Does your cat have any difficulty jumping on or off the furniture?

Does your cat have any difficulty going up or down stairs?

Any difficulty chasing things? Less interested in toys

Any litter tray issues that could be due to difficulty in getting in & out of a tray? Less keen to use cat flap/ interact with other cats?

Poor coat/ matting from undergrooming?

Overgrown front claws as less claw sharpening behaviour?


Arthritis and pain can affect cats both physically & emotionally to it can be worth trying to grade the following symptoms (on a scale of 1-10) & repeating this every few weeks to assess progression/ response to any treatment or environmental modifications.

Energy & enthusiasm

Active & comfortable

Happy & contentedness


Other useful things to know are

Has your cat any old injuries?

Has there been any changes in your cats personality or sociability?

Any changes in bladder/bowel habits?

Any increases in hiding or avoiding human contact? 


It can be useful to go through all these questions prior to your appointment.