Covid infections are still about at  a high level in the community so we are aiming to work in as covid-safe way as possible.  We have not had any cases amongst the staff so our way of working has been effective at keeping us safe, though we have probably been very lucky too! We have also survived the pingdemic and managed to keep open without too many problems.


Please do not attend the surgery if you have symptoms or if you are self isolating because of recent contact with a case.


Open or 'drop in' surgeries have been discontinued as the chaos of everybody turning up at once needs to be avoided so please book an appointment either by using the MyBuddy Pet App or phoning. We will be continuing wiith timed admissions & discharges to avoid crowding as this seems to be a more efficient way of working and more convenient for you than having to wait. 


From September  we will be letting clients back into the consulting room - although working outside has worked for the last 18 months it will be easier for us to have you in the room with your pet and our staff are now all vaccinated. Mask wearing will be needed as the vet & you will be in a confined air space (though we do have screened windows we can open). Please only one owner, if you have brought the whole family (& I know it's not easy if you have kids) then we will see you outside. Similarly of you have no mask or are clinically vulnerable & nervous about being in the building we will see you outside.


A crowded waiting room is something that we should avoid for everybodys health - waiting outside may be better for cats & nervous dogs - and animals that may have an infectious disease. We are lucky to have the car park to use as an outdoor waiting area.


Ring the doorbell or phone in to let us know that you are here & we will come & get you when it is your turn.


Hand sanitiser is available to use in the porch & on the reception counter.


Please order medication in plenty of time & then it will be ready for you with less waiting. This is something that we set up due to Covid which we will be keeping as it is  much more efficient than phoning & gives us time to get any medications dispensed & checked. You can use the Repeat Medications Form  or the MyBuddy Pet App.


If you are shielding then we can offer telephone or video consults & you can request one by filling in this form