New Puppy Evening Presentation


Getting a pet is a big descision - a dog is for life & not just for Christmas.

We want dog ownership to be the positive experience (for both parties) that it should be and it is always best if new owners make informed decisions about their new pet. Choosing a dog can be an emotional decision but the more information you have then the more likely you are get the right pet for you.


With this in mind we held an evening talk which was really aimed at the prospective owner - and of course our attendees were people who already had a puppy. By putting the slides and text up on our website it may be that prospective puppy owners will know that little bit more before making the big decision of having a dog in their lives.

Some of what we cover is stuff we talk about in our new puppy consult - so if you found that alot to take in then this also provides a 'catch up'


The slides of the puppy talk can be found here



The text to go with the presentation can be found here