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this will help you find us - we are next to the church and if you have gone past the post office you have gone too far!

Waiting room

Main operating theatre

Second operating theatre



The ultrasound machine ; this looks inside the body and is helpful in investigating heart problems - we can actually see it moving and how well it moves, liver disease, abdominal tumours, bladder problems and for pregnancy diagnosis

This is our powerful xray machine which allows us to take radiographs of anything from the smallest rabbits leg to the largest dogs abdomen. The low exposure time allows us to take sharp pictures with the movement of the animal breathing not affecting the quality if the picture. Films are now processed & stored digitally & can be viewed on screens in the operating theatre & other rooms.


These are our 2 microscopes which are in regular use to look at skin scrapings (for mites), to look at blood smears and also for cytology (looking at cell structure and type) of lumps, fluids and exudates to help us make a diagnosis and decide on treatment e.g. whether a lump is a fatty lump/cyst or needs removing. These procedures are done quickly and easily in the practice.

This is a cat having his blood pressure measured using a cuff to occlude the artery in the foreleg and an ultrasonic detector to' hear' the blood flowing through the artery. High blood pressure is not uncommon in older cats and as in people can be a silent disease until something drastic happens. In cats the most common problem with high blood pressure is sudden blindness due to retinal detatchment or haemorhage. It also can lead to deterioration in kidney function. Measuring blood pressure is usually well accepted by cats and treating high blood pressure can prevent blindness.

Heather all togged up and tooled up ready to go into theatre for some serious orthopaedic surgery.