Well established and Independent non corporate veterinary practice run by pet owning vets. We have been trusted by our clients to care for their pets for over 30 years. We have our own pets, we know the importance of listening to our clients, being able to emphathise with you and your pet and give you the information you need about your pets health. We can explain what your pets problem is, treatment options and likely outcome,


Experienced veterinary surgeons with range of complementary specialisms and post graduate qualifications in medicine, surgery and dermatology.


Emphasis on continuity of care; we try to follow up our own cases. We can pick each others brains if we have complicated cases but continuity of care provides more job satisfaction for both the vets and the owners and a holistic approach to your pets health.


Qualified and experienced veterinary nurses


Advanced Diagnostic equipment. We have onsite radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopy, electrocardiography and cytology - with the staff able to make use of these facilities.


Advanced Anaesthetic equipment. We have heated anaesthetic circuits to minimise heat loss in surgical patients & anaesthetic monitoring devices - in addition to nurses experienced in theatre work. No monitoring device ever replaces a human being monitoring your pet!


Advanced Surgical equipment. We have plenty of surgical kit including the plates, screws, external fixators and power tools necessary for orthopaedic work.


Powered dental equipment for scaling, polishing, and where necessary sectioning teeth for easier extractions.


Appointment system from 10.30am-6.30pm midweek to minimise waiting times, plus the convenience of a no-appointment-needed drop in surgery 9-10am midweek and 9am-11am. & 2pm-3pm Saturdays.


Surgeries on Sunday's & Bank Holidays for urgent cases (10am-11am)


RCVS inspected to demonstrate that we are well equipped and well run


Provide emergency cover outside of surgery hours


Have many long standing clients who have usually come by recommendation


Our vets have no financial or sales targets, there is no hard selling or gimicky marketing


No overcharging for hidden items to make headline costs look cheaper