Canine cruciate surgery - monitoring outcomes


It is important that outcomes of surgical procedures are monitored so that if any problems arise we know about it and do something about it and also that the results of the different surgical options are compared. We offer 3 different surgeries for cruciate rupture, an extracapsular repair, mainly suited to small dogs and a closing wedge osteotomy and the TPLO surgery. The 2 latter surgeries involve a corrective osteotomy and are performed by Heather Eastham as they involve specialist equipment and training.The practice has been performing these procedures for over 10 years. You may have come across other surgeries offered for cruciate surgery (TTA). We have been happy with the outcomes seen with the surgeries we offer.


Heather has been looking at our cruciate surgery results for the last 10 years as part of her Advanced Practitiioner qualification and you will be relieved to know that our low level of complications compares very well compared to other referral orthopaedic practices. Assessing results and complications is a process known as Clinical Audit.


The RCVS have set up a scheme so that outcomes can be monitored from all surgeries and techniques to help give a more comprehensive  assessment of the outcomes of different cruciate surgeries & we would very much encourage clients whose dogs have had this surgery to register for this monitoring. You need to consent to your (pets) data being used & there is much more information on the canine cruciate registry page