It has become no longer possible for a practice our size to provide a comprehensive out of  hours service with a humane rota. 


We have opted to fulfil out out of hours obligation to our patients by partnering with Bishopton Veterinary Group using their hospital in Ripon. Bishopton have a very large small animal department so you will be seen by a vet who has a chance for some time off after a night work and doesn't have to work consecutive nights & days which is the only way we have been able to provide it. Bishopton are a fellow independent practice and operate a very similiar pricing structure to our own (obviously Out of Hours work costs more to provide & incurrs a premium)


If you have an emergency when we are closed then if you phone our normal number you will be directed to Bishoptons answering service.and a vet or nurse will call you back to arrange eihter advice or emergency attention as required.


We will maintain responsibility for any inpatients we have in Harrogate and our Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holiday surgeries do mean that most of the time there is a vet in Harrogate to see you. 


Bilton residents may be aware for plans to have Bilton Feilds and the Bilton Triangle de-designated as protected green spaces, presumably as a prelude to building a by pass and development in this area. This would also impact on the utility of the Harrogate to Ripley, Bilton to Starbeck and Harrogate to Knaresborough cycletracks/paths which are used by dog walkers, cyclists, and local residents generally. It would also have a serious deleterious impact on the paths going to the stunning Nidd Gorge, its amenity value and wildlife.


Anyone living in the area, but especially dog walkers have a vested interest in opposing this measure and you can find out more by followin NIDD GORGE COMMUNITY ACTION on Facebook.




In October 2016 we have been awarded Silver Cat Friendly Practice Status by International Cat Care. More information about this can be found on our page Cat Friendly Practice and on the icatcare page


Some new and innovative flea products have become recently available;

We have a tablet that provides 3 month tick and flea control for dogs. The tick control should be superior to that provided by spot ons and this is recommended for dogs going to Europe. The manufacturers are introducing a loyalty card scheme which means that after purchasing 3 treatments your 4th treatment is free.


We also now have a spot on for cats that provides control against fleas, ticks, roundworm and tapeworm in one treatment that lasts a month - no more fighting to pill the cat!

We also have a new spot on which will prevent fleas and ticks for 3 months and this could be very useful if you are so busy you find remebering a monthly treatment difficult - missing a few weeks can mean that a flea population can get estabished in your house and then need treetment. We can set up reminders for this product. 

Some cats, just to be contrary will take pills but are difficult to apply a spot on to; for these we have a monthly pill for fleas.



For up to the minute news about the practice and other topical animal related stories pleassee our Facebook page with pictures of what's going on.


There have been some cases of parvovirus infection in Harrogate in the summer of 2013 & 2014 and in North Leeds in the winter 2015/2016. These have all been in puppies  and in a couple of cases in vaccinated pups. Because of this  we are offering an extra 16 week parvo vaccine. This hopefully should protect any pups in whom the initial vaccine had been  less effective due to the presence of maternal antibodies.

Adult vaccinated dogs are not at risk of contracting this disease.



A new strain of rabbit VHD disease is now present in the UK and the regular mxyomatosis/VHD vaccine does not provide adequate protection. We have imported a french vaccine for this strain. Further details are on the vaccination page.




As a vet, no matter how long you have been qualified, something new can always turn up as these 2 cases illustrate.

We have a lot of American clients and regularly have to do export paperwork for them to be able to take their pets back to the USA ( in addition to Pet Passport paperwork ). This is usually for dogs and cats.

Dr Gleadhill was recently asked to do an Export Health Certificate for a Hermit Crab which was going back to the USA. This is a land crab and so does not live in water. He was in fine health and so we could complete the paperwork and we have had a post card to let us know that he has arrived and is fine!









Mr Harcourt-Browns Fellowship thesis was on avian orthopaedics so he has seen alot of birds with leg problems. This bird, a Hobby was a wild casualty that was been cared for that had some swellings on its legs, initially thought to be abcesses. The bird was anaesthatised for these to be lanced. The swellings were full if worms! Hobbys migrate to Africa which is presumably where the bird picked these up. The adult worms have been removed and the bird treated with a drug which should kill any larval stages in the blood stream or other organs. The worms have been sent to the Natural History Museum!











Our puppy and kitten vaccination prices include 2 consultations by a vet and we are happy that they are competitive with any other surgery in the area. Remember both vaccinations will be given by a veterinary surgeon ensuring that your new pet gets a thorough check up and that you have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about your pets care. Together with identichipping and worm/ flea treastment we are confident that our prices are competitive with any 'bundled offers' that you may see advertised elsewhere. Rember that you will be registering your pet with a well equipped surgery that has been inspected by the RCVS and that is available to provide emergency care should your pet require it.









SCRABBLE, the Leonberger PAT dog from Harrogate has won PAT DOG OF THE YEAR at Crufts for 2013. PAT stands for Pets As Therapy and these dogs visit hospitals and hospices to provide company for people. Giant dogs often make good pat dogs as they can be patted by someone in a chair or bed as they are so tall. They obviously must be gentle well behaved dogs who like attention as Scrabble does. 


You can see a video of Scrabble getting his award at Crufts here;



More information about PAT dogs can be found here;
















The new vaccine to protect dogs against Leishmaniasis will is now available. This is a disease present in Southern Europe which affects dogs and can be both difficult to diagnose and to treat. Vaccination is not needed in dogs resident in the UK only but highly recommended for dogs that travel to Europe. It involves one injection. Please discuss this with the vet if your dog is travelling.




This very handsome cat was brought in with a broken leg. He
was in good condition, easy to handle and we were pleased to find he was identichipped so that we could reunite him with his owner. The Identichip gave us an address and 4 contact phone numbers but unfortunately none of the phone numbers were current and the address was an empty house. We had no reply to a note left through the door. We initially splinted his leg but it was not a simple fracture that was going to do well in a splint or cast. This presented
us with a dilemma. The cat appeared to be owned but we could not locate the  owner and he needed major surgery which was highly likely to need intensive after care. A cheaper option would be leg amputation and then off to a cat shelter but this would be a shame in a young fit cat whose leg could be fixed.
We decided to repair the leg surgically as we felt confident that we would be able to rehome the cat within the practice or to friends. He spent 4 hours in theatre having a pin put in his leg and an external fixator attached. After 10 days here there was a happy ending. By pure fluke and coincidence we managed to  trace the owner and he has been reunited with his recovering cat. We anticipate  that his leg will be healed and the metal work removed in @2 months.

This story illustrates how important it is to keep your chip details up to date






This stick was thrown for a springer spaniel who ran onto it. It luckily went in under the tounge (if it was the back of the throat he may not have survived) to a depth of around 8 inches. After emergency surgery the dog has made a full recovery.

Not all dogs that run onto sticks survive.