Cat Friendly Practice



Cats are a pretty healthy species but as pets, and with the control of infectious diseases  thier life expectancy has increased so we do see more older cats with geriatric problems where we can often make a difference to their quality of life. This leaflet can help you live with an aging cat



Cats are not brought to the vets as often as dogs. Some of this is because they are an intrinscially fit species and often have few problems until they reach old age. Some times it is because of their nature. They often do not appear to be ill until they have advanced disease and sometimes owners delay bringing them in for treatment because they think that their cat will get stressed and be difficult at the surgery.


We would like to reassure our owners that we do not find them  difficut to deal with and we know how to handle them to ensure the maximum level of feline co operation! In recognition of our efforts to make veterinary visits as easy as possible for cats we have been awarded Silver Cat Friendly Status by International Cat Care. More information on this can be found on this


There are webpages on this site to help you on Bringing your cat to the vets and also on How to pill your cat - something else that people can be very worried about.


The practice is a member of the International Society Of Feline Medicine and Dr Gleadhill has a particular interest in geriatric cats.



For those waiting with cats there are some seats by the side of the reception area away from the main waiting area where your cat may rather wait to avoid waiting with large boisterous dogs. It's the bit next to,the notice board with all the cat features on it!


Rachel Tiplady VN is our designated Cat Advocate if you have any specific questions on cat care at our practice. As well as being a qualified vet nurse, and a cat owner she is currently studying for an extra qualification in feline nursing.

We have plenty of information to help you keep your pet happy and healthy on our website - see the page Looking after your cat


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