Here are some other websites you may find interesting; -  this is Frances Harcourt-Browns new website about her new CPD program on rabbit medicine and surgery for Veterinary Surgeons and Nurse


Click here- this is a really handy downloadable guide to welcoming a new puppy into your


Click here- another really handy downloadable guide to welcoming a new kitten into your life. - got a new puppy? As well as a physically well dog you want a mentally well dog without behavioural issues that is a joy to own! This site gives lots of advice on puppy development and socailisation for that critical period of puppy development. - this is the offical government website with upto date information on how to take your pet to the EU and back.




Here  is the a site of a charity devoted to cat health. They produce some very useful fact sheets on cat diseases which your vet may direct you to. this is the home page of the Cats Protection website which has lots of info to help you understand and look after your cat - this site contains information about hyperthyroidism in cats - one of the commoner conditions we see in older cats and very treatable.


Thinking of getting a pedigree puppy? Some breeds have genetic problems so research the breed you want to increase your chances of a healthy puppy. You will know what to look for and what to ask the breeder. iInformatin can be found here


Thinking of breeding from your dog?

To reduce the likelihood of dogs having preventable genetic diseases, the BVA in conjunction with the Kennel Club operate some schemesso that potential breeding stock can be checked before they are bred from. Schemes exist to screen for hip and elbow dysplasia, some of the many genetic eye defects and the syringomyelia deformity in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. The above link gives more information on these schemes. We can take the radiographs needed for hip and elbow dysplasia, the nearest eye specialist is in Wakefield. Screeing for syringomyelia needs an MRI scan. In addition many of the breed society have schemes for specific problems in their breed eg heart screening in boxers and caveliers, deafness in dalmations. - the kennel clubs website which can help you find a reputable breeder from where to source your puppy. A reputable breeder should be aware of the health schemes in their breed, have had their dogs tested and be happy to show you the results. Remember to alawys see your new puppys mother. - thinking of taking on a rescue dog or cat? you may be able to find a new pet here. - more rescue dogs here. - we see these flying over all the time now after the sucsessful release program at Harewood house.


This is a handy leaflet about hazardous substances in the house that your pet might consume. The best advice is to prevent your pet having access to such things but if they do eat anything that they shouldn't then phone us sooner rather than later and remember to bring any packaging so that we know what we are dealing with. The practice subsrcibes to the Veterinary Posions Information Service so that we can access information if your pet has eaten something hazardous. - some pets visit hospitals, hospices and care homes to entertain and provide company to those who cannot get out and enjoy having their own pets. - lots of information on dog care with emphasis on health and behaviour for family pets